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According to Trading Standards the quality of their Peekaboo Fendi Review

´╗┐Increase in doorstep crime in Nottinghamshire

the number of the company they claim to be working for in the phone book and calling them to verify. Do not call the number on the ID or business card.

This is compared to 25 tarmacking, 26 roofing and five gardening complaints out of 139 reports in 2012.

The company that cannot be named for legal reasons works across the county and as soon as the customer signs a contract and leaves their home the company moves in and digs a large hole in the driveway.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

advise phoning the number before you agree to the work, as sometimes the numbers provided don even exist. Of the 188 incidents last year, 44 Fendi Wallet For Sale involved tarmacking, 42 involved roofing and 13 involved gardening complaints.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

work, has proven to be very poor, with little in the way of foundations.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

Fendi Wallet For Sale

However, incorrect paperwork was issued and the customer was later contacted and told the cost had risen to 20,000.

always best to get three separate quotations for any work, which will give you an indication on whether you are being charged a fair amount for the job.

The resident was originally quoted 3000 to have a door fitted and paid a 400 deposit.

Always check the ID of those who are providing you with a service and confirm this by looking up Fendi Peekaboo Amazon

Fendi Wallet For Sale

Trading Standards is currently taking legal action against a company that offers driveway resurfacing services.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

important people do not suffer in silence and we have done a lot of work recently to raise awareness on this issue which may have partly led to the increase in reports. The carer of an elderly Arnold resident reported a double glazing company to Nottinghamshire Police and Trading standards following a cold call last month.

Nottinghamshire Police has started a campaign called Fendi Handbag Repair

Fendi Wallet For Sale

Not Sure Don Open the Door to try and cut down the number of people stung by doorstep crime.

The resident became extremely worried but did not want to tell her family what had happened.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

A spokeswoman said: advice is simple, do not agree to services of this kind from people who turn up at your home unannounced.

Trading Standards and the Police became involved and the trader agreed to cancel the contract and provided a refund.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

Fendi Wallet For Sale

If challenged, they say that the holes are but, in reality, the aim is solely to stop the customer from cancelling.

Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle, chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council Community Safety Committee, said: crime is underreported as victims are often embarrassed or ashamed about their experiences.

many occasions, scammers will want to avoid providing genuine contact details so it makes it harder to trace them to complain, so always make sure you get the full name, geographical address and phone numbers of anyone you do business with.

Fendi Wallet For Sale

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