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There were believed to be additional conspirators, known and unknown, the federal record shows.

By Emma Perez Trevino, The Brownsville Herald Updated Feb 8, 2013

The unnamed companies were never charged.

Guerra now says the FBI and Texas Rangers told him in 2006 that "higher ups" in both agencies directed their agents to halt the federal inquiry into the original money for votes and bribery scheme. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas declined to comment on Guerra's allegations, and Tela Mange of the Texas Department of Public Safety said no one in the department knew anything about Guerra's allegations, including the Texas Rangers.

Among the officials who received money in return for favoring a jail consultant also unnamed in the court record and whom Cortez represented were Israel Tamez of Raymondville, at that time a Willacy County commissioner, and the late Jose Jimenez of Sebastian, also a Willacy commissioner. Cortez, Tamez and Jimenez all pleaded guilty, the federal court record shows. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen sentenced Tamez to six months in jail, three years probation and a $25,000 fine. Cortez was sentenced to three months in jail, followed by a period of six months of home confinement, two years probation and a $25,000 fine. Jimenez died in 2006, while Cortez and Tamez were sentenced in late 2006 and directed to serve their sentences last year.

The dust storm never quite settled after those convictions.

During Cortez's sentencing in 2006, his lawyer, Mike DeGeurin Sr., of Houston, told Hanen: "I think, to convince people that he (Cortez) is still a person you can count on to get things done, he (Cortez) makes some payments to Mr. (Israel) Tamez and a couple of others two other commissioners that, we'll leave their names unspoken."

Jimenez's lawyer, Nemecio E. Lopez Jr. of Harlingen, declined to talk about the case. Vice President Richard B. Attorney Fendi Phone Case Iphone 7 Plus

McAlister's motions to continue Cortez's case are sealed.

DeGeurin did not respond to a recent request for comment. Tamez's attorney, John David Franz, of McAllen, also could not be reached for comment.

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a miscarriage of justice."

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Neither the third commissioner to which DeGuerin referred, nor the other conspirators that McAlister referred to in 2005, was never mentioned by name or location in court documents and was not part of the court record.

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However, Jimenez was the only other person charged, aside from Cortez.

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James M. Parkey, president and founder of CorPlan, Card Holder Fendi

General Alberto Gonzales and state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D Brownsville.

"If I know that a crime has been committed, I have to make a diligent effort to make sure that the crime is addressed in my tenure. My job is to make sure that criminals don't get away. That is what a prosecutor does," he said.

on Monday verified for the Brownsville Herald that Cortez had been Fendi Cat Purse one of the firm's consultants, but said he had not known of any payments from Cortez to Tamez, Jimenez or others.

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The FBI did not return a request for comment.

However, federal court records show that Cortez gave money to yet a third elected official, so that he would favor corporate interests involved in the design, construction, financing, maintenance and management of the Willacy correctional center that was to house federal inmates.

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However, that firm is never mentioned by name in the court record. Federal officials would not discuss the case, so the reason for the omission could not be learned.

This year's Willacy County grand jury investigation into alleged criminal activity surrounding for profit prisons and high profile public officials is not the first, and District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra said it is tied to an earlier investigation.

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The firms, which did business in Texas and were involved in the project, were CorPlan Corrections, Aguirre Inc., Management Training Corp., and Hale Mills Construction, according to Guerra and public records.

A federal inquiry resulting in convictions in 2005 stirred up a dust storm in Raymondville when it looked into a money for votes and bribery scheme to favor firms involved in the Willacy County Adult Correctional Center, a project that started in 2000.

The indictment charges Cheney and Gonzales with profiteering from the jails and neglect of conditions due to self interest. The indictment against Lucio charged him with influence peddling in receiving consulting fees from the firms for services he would not have been requested to provide were it not for his official position.

Court records show that a series of continuances delayed when the sentences would begin. Tamez did not serve his sentence until last year. Jimenez was convicted but died before sentencing. Attorney Jim McAlister told the court in the fall of 2005: "Both defendants are actively cooperating in helping the government identify and prosecute other individuals involved in unlawful activity. The investigation is ongoing and both defendants are expected to continue their efforts in assisting the government. The government and the defendants agree that sentencing Mr. Tamez and Mr. Jimenez at this time could result in Fendi Monster Tote Bag Price

Fendi Cat Purse

Guerra says that he reopened the investigation because he wants to ensure justice is done before he leaves office at the end of this month.

That federal investigation resulted in the bribery conviction of former Webb County commissioner David Cortez identified in federal court records as the representative of "a company" who gave $39,000 over three years from 2000 to 2003 to several officials to secure their votes on the Commissioners Court for the firm's participation in the jail project.

Inquiry creates legal storm

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