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Some of the elements from downtown, such as planting trees, lighting and curbside landscaping, should be extended north toward the highway and those elements should increase as visitors approach downtown.

The experts recommend that Fendi Grey Purse

"Improving trail connections and creating a recreational and cultural destination at the river creates an activity node," the report says.

between Riverside Park and Boyd Ponds, Fendi Bag Lock and Riverside Park and downtown can connect recreational amenities to the economic center of the city.

One way to catch customers' attention is to start with the windows downtown, the report says.

Using Community Development Block Grant funds, along with a Colorado State Historical Fund grant and contributions from local banks and merchants, a program could develop a pool of funds from which small, low interest loans or outright grants could help with renovations.

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Creating trail connections Fendi Monster Bag Amazon

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"The South Platte Flyway, world class hunting and fishing, and other natural resources will draw tourists here if you learn to market them correctly," the report says.

Some simple infrastructure changes and training might make profits better in downtown Fort Morgan, although some long term changes could help, too.

Their report, issued last week, said that having State and Ensign streets one way does exactly what was intended it diverts traffic away from the downtown portion of Main Street and that may mean that people do not see what is available in the central district.

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Since the DCI team's visit, the city has placed a new image on a billboard along I 76 noting that exit 80 leads to the improved historic downtown. That sign is only visible, however, to westbound travelers.

There are a number of relatively low cost faade improvement opportunities which could make a significant difference in the appearance of downtown, such as the removal of aluminum slipcover facades, restoration and tuck pointing of brick, painting, window repair and sign improvements, it says.

However, those who are leading the revitalization program should only be responsible for identifying troublesome trends and providing support for business owners, not doing the work itself.

Having Riverside Park hold a visitor center and perhaps a business in the historic power plant would enhance the experience of visitors, and could be a featured landmark in conjunction with the Rainbow Bridge. With Riverside Park connected with other natural resources, tourists would be attracted to the area.

Downtown merchants and property owners must actively participate in training as the first stage of a campaign to celebrate a beautiful downtown, the report says.

Fort Morgan coordinate with the Colorado Department of Transportation to put a town logo and perhaps a monument to lead drivers off the highway at exit 80, with signs to show the way to downtown.

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In addition, "the city or downtown organization should consider a downtown beautification program to accompany the work done on the main street," the report says.

"The effort should be to create a driving experience that changes in character as one drives south, yet carries some of the character of the downtown district (further north)," the report says.

The report also says that planners have not taken advantage of the assets in and around the community. Resources located in close proximity to downtown Fort Morgan such as Riverside Park and the disc golf course need to be accentuated and capitalized on.

"If every store owner cleaned the windows, employed some new window display techniques, and participated in a merchandising program, the change to downtown would be noticeable this spring," it says.

Physical connections have been underplayed as a factor in downtown business growth, it says.

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Experts came to town in the spring and talked with officials, business leaders and residents to learn, and also looked at the city intensively to collect data.

Signs should show visitors how to get downtown and direct them to public parking, as well as historic buildings and attractions such as the Fort Morgan Museum around downtown.

exits into the city lead to downtown or to Riverside Park, the report says.

Organizations such as DCI, the Small Business Development Center and others can offer assistance in training of those sorts, the experts said.

This activity center could be tied to downtown by making Main Street a natural place to go.

Those could be made on two or three key buildings each year for five years or so to make substantial improvements.

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The gateway area at Main Street and I 76 should have a consistent theme, instead of the jumble of land uses. This entrance to the city is not inviting due to the industrial character of the area, and it does not reflect the upgraded character of downtown, the report says.

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´╗┐Infrastructure could aid downtown

Planners could begin by helping visitors to know where to find downtown. Travelers on Interstate 76 cannot tell which of the three Fendi Monster Face Backpack

More complicated faade projects could have their own grants tied to their historic character.

For instance, making State Street and Ensign Street two way streets could bring more business to shop doors, says a report by Downtown Colorado Inc., which did an analysis of the conditions of business and possible improvements in Fort Morgan.

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