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a portable generator.

oMake back up copies of all tax, accounting, payroll and production records and customer data on computer hard drives, and store the records at an offsite location at least 100 miles away. Important documents should be saved in fireproof safe deposit boxes.

oReview your insurance coverage to make sure you understand what is not covered. Most policies don't cover flood damage.

Fendi Wallet Buy

Fendi Wallet Buy

The administration declared the April 10 tornadoes to be a disaster to make the loans accessible to those affected.

Fendi Wallet Buy

oThe National Flood Insurance Program provides coverage to property owners.

For small businesses, and most private, non profit organizations of all sizes, the SBA offers Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) to help meet working capital needs caused by the disaster.

Small Business Administration offers the following tips on being prepared for disasters:

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The SBA also provides mitigation funds to disaster victims based on 20 percent of the verified physical damage. These funds are designed to help borrowers pay for protective measures to minimize damages of the same kind in the future.

oDevelop a post disaster communications strategy. Keep current phone numbers for your suppliers, employees, customers, utility companies, local media, and emergency agencies. Appoint a spokesperson to get the word out that your company is still open and on the road to recovery, to dispel rumors of business failure.

oFind escape routes from the business and establish meeting places. Make sure everyone understands the emergency plan before the storm hits. Designate a contact person to communicate with other employees, customers and vendors.

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Interest rates are as low as 2.187 percent for homeowners and renters, and 4 percent for businesses, with terms up to 30 years. Loan amounts and terms are set by the SBA and are based on each applicant's financial condition.

´╗┐interest loans for tornado damages

oStart the disaster plan by identifying what your operation needs to do to protect itself in the face of a natural disaster. Even if you don't own the building where you do business, take steps to protect your assets.

said William C. Small Business Administration.

oDetermine what production machinery, computers and other essential equipment is needed to keep your business open. Store extra supplies offsite, and make a plan for a temporary location if your company is forced to relocate after the Fendi Wallet Buy disaster. Be ready for utility disruptions with Card Holder Fendi Monster

Low interest federal disaster loans are available to homeowners, renters, businesses and non profit organizations of all sizes whose property was damaged or destroyed by the tornadoes, How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

Fendi Wallet Buy

Fendi Wallet Buy

oTo protect your property from wind damage, install impact resistant windows and door systems, or plywood shutters. Hire a professional to evaluate your roof to make sure it can weather a major storm.

oConsider business interruption insurance. It covers operating expenses, like utilities, and compensates you for the income lost after a temporary closure.

Fendi Wallet Buy

EIDL assistance is available regardless of whether the business suffered any physical property damage.

business assets.

Businesses and non profit organizations of any size may borrow up to $2 million to repair or replace damaged or destroyed real estate, machinery and equipment, inventory, and other Fendi Card Holder Uk

Fendi Wallet Buy

Fendi Wallet Buy

Fendi Wallet Buy

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