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to be looking for 18 wheelers and buses because we want to reduce fatalities and make sure everyone is in compliance with state and federal requirements."

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According to CVSA, since Roadcheck's inception in 1988 more than 1 million inspections have resulted in more than 220 lives saved and more than 4,000 injuries avoided.

Roadcheck 2013 was scheduled to run Tuesday through today. During last year's Roadcheck, DPS and other Texas law enforcement agencies inspected more than 8,000 commercial trucks and buses and found serious violations with 21 percent of them.

Hernandez said the most common violations are with brakes, tires, lights and loading standards.

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reduce their chance of being involved in a crash."

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Those violations required the vehicles to be taken out of service until repairs could be made. Inspectors also placed 243 drivers out of service for various violations, including not properly tracking hours of driving and failing to have the proper type of license for the vehicle being driven.

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People driving on Expressway 77/83 between Brownsville Fendi Travel

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"DPS is Fendi White Purse committed to protecting all travelers on Texas roadways, and Roadcheck 2013 underscores the importance of ensuring commercial vehicles and their drivers are complying with the laws and regulations that help keep our roads safe," DPS Director Steven McCraw said. "It is also important that all drivers commercial and passenger obey traffic laws and take basic precautions to Fendi Card Case

Commercial vehicle enforcement is an everyday thing in the Rio Grande Valley. The DPS commercial vehicle enforcement division can also be seen inspecting vehicles along Expressway 83 between McAllen and Harlingen.

DPS is stepping up enforcement efforts as part of a national effort called Roadcheck 2013, a three day enforcement effort to increase motor carrier, vehicle, driver and cargo safety and security.

The association touts Roadcheck as the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world, with approximately 14 trucks or buses being inspected, on average, every minute from Canada to Mexico during the 72 hour targeted period in early June.

"They want to make sure that freight won't come loose and hit the road, and then you have vehicles trying to avoid that," he said. "They have to be in compliance."

"We do this every day, but this is a nationwide deal, not just statewide," DPS Sgt. Johnny Hernandez said. "We are going to be doing this intense inspection where we are going Fendi Bag White

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´╗┐Inspections aim to improve trucking safety

They'll be signs of the Texas Department of Public Safety's commercial vehicle enforcement division in action.

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and Harlingen during rush hour this week might have seen flashing blue and red lights at the rest stop between San Benito and Rancho Viejo.

"Those are the ones we caught; can you imagine the ones we didn't catch?" Hernandez asked.

In addition to Roadcheck, DPS periodically carries out additional enforcement efforts in targeted areas where unsafe trucks or buses might be operating.

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Association sponsors the Roadcheck program, which stretches from Mexico to Canada and is designed to reduce commercial vehicle highway fatalities through increased vehicle safety.

The Brownsville Herald Posted Jun 5, 2013

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