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Miller was asked Wednesday whether smoking marijuana is part of his life.

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A year later, the Broncos were again reporting to training camp. This time, Miller met with the media to address the four game suspension he is facing for violating the NFL's drug policy, including a positive test for marijuana in his rookie season of 2011.

guy I was two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am."

And Miller offered little insight Wednesday.

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"Obviously, I'm aware of the situation surrounding me," he said. "But out of respect for confidentiality and out of respect for this being an ongoing situation, I can't really touch further details about it."

Miller didn't directly answer questions Wednesday because of his role as defendant, but his teammates have no such restraints. And so, until Miller's case is resolved, the Broncos will be asked about their star defensive player and his impending suspension appeal.

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already lost his starting weakside linebacker position to Wesley Woodyard.

Williams was confronting two suspensions totaling nine games last year and took virtually no repetitions during practice and the preseason. One of the biggest differences between the two cases: Williams had Fendi Crossbody Medium

test or two. It's unclear what triggered the suspension.

That he is now facing a four game suspension indicates there was another recent incident. It's possible that Miller was found in noncompliance of the NFL's substance abuse policy because another sample tested positive for a recreational drug. It's also possible he violated the drug policy by missing a scheduled Fendi Purse Monster

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Dumervil was answering but mostly deflecting questions about an alleged charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a road rage incident in Miami's South Beach area.

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"The guy I was yesterday is not the guy I am today," Miller said. "That Fendi Bag Cheap

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Fendi Handbag Polyvore

Dumervil wasn't part of the Broncos' opening of camp Wednesday. He signed with the Baltimore Ravens after a transaction fiasco voided what would have been a new contract with the Broncos. The front office offseason blunders continued when football executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert were charged in driving under the influence incidents.

"I'm focused," he Fendi Handbag Polyvore said. "I love playing football. All the guys in the locker room love playing football. I can't wait for training camp to start (Thursday). I look forward to rushing the passer and doing all those drills with coach (Richard) Smith and coach (Jack) Del Rio and getting back to laughing and doing all the stuff we do out there on the football field. I'm anxious for that."

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Miller isn't accused by the NFL of violating its steroid or performance enhancement program. His problem began with the positive tests in 2011, which also detected amphetamines. At that point, Miller was placed in the league's substance abuse program.

"Don't be so quick to judge," Fox said between the tent and the team headquarters that was hit with considerable turmoil this offseason. "We were in a similar situation last year with Elvis, and look how it turned out. There's some differences here. But let's let the process play out. Von's on our team. He's not suspended."

Worst case scenario for Miller: He will be starting Game 5 at Dallas.

The distressing scene was a little too familiar. A year ago, it was the same training camp opening event, same circus. Only it was Elvis Dumervil playing the part of star pass rusher under siege.

´╗┐including star linebacker Von Miller

Miller's potential suspension would figure to impact the Broncos the most. He was the NFL defensive rookie of the year in 2011, then, for an encore, he had 18 sacks last season. Miller is the Broncos' most dynamic defensive player.

"I'd be surprised if he got suspended four games," cornerback Champ Bailey said. "It's just surprising to me. I just know that he loves football and he shows it in the way he prepares and works. That's what I know of the guy."

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