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Not that the fight for same sex marriage is over. Not by any means.

But for hours on Wednesday afternoon, the hoots and the hollers were there. So were the tears, the smiles Fendi Bag For Man

He called his longtime partner, Bobby Owens, who dashed out Images Of Fendi Monster Bag

Marion County Clerk Beth White put it best when, while shooing a group of noisy reporters out of the room with the altar, said: "Could you do your interviews outside? We want to accommodate as many couples as possible before the stay gets issued."

of the gym to get to the clerk's office and ended up getting married in sneakers, shorts and a tank top.

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Men and women, all denied the right to marry the men and women they've loved for so long, piled into the Marion County Clerk's Office to do just that on Wednesday. Friends came for support. Strangers stood by to gawk and grin.

the street started ringing and his phone started "going crazy." Fendi Mini Purse Tears rolled down his cheeks.

It was a day I expected to see in Indiana, but not quite so soon. After all, it wasn't long ago that just a few miles away in another hall of government, our state lawmakers were seriously considering whether to support adding a ban on same sex marriage to Indiana's constitution. And it was only a few weeks ago that the Indiana Republican Party reaffirmed its commitment to marriage between one man and one woman.

But there was determination, too. Now that marriage has become a reality for a small number of gay couples, they're not about to accept anything less in the long term.

It's coming.

"I've been fighting for this for so long," said Rick Sutton, a leader of the Freedom Indiana coalition, which mounted a campaign against the same sex marriage ban, known as HJR 3.

Sutton, like many other politically savvy gay activists, had been expecting Young's ruling. Activists had expected it last Friday, actually. They were prepared. So when word came via news alerts on phones, Facebook posts and tweets, people dashed out of business meetings, skipped lunch and woke babies from naps, all to make it Downtown.

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Yet here we are. District Judge Richard Young ruled Wednesday morning that Indiana's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, which immediately let same sex couples across the state get marriage licenses.

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That was no surprise to anyone.

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As happy as every couple was to finally be able to get married, there also was a palpable fear of the right being taken away. It was behind every smile and every tear of joy.

Following in the steps of states across the country, Attorney General Greg Zoeller has filed for a stay of the ruling.

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and the heads shaking in disbelief.

Sutton was just leaving a Downtown grocery store when said the bells at a church across Fendi Handbag Monster

´╗┐Indiana can move forward after same

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Deanna Medsker, hearing about the ruling from her partner Chris Paulsen, made the split second decision to come out to her new boss so she could head Downtown to get married.

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"It's a come as you are kind of event," Sutton joked, looking at his husband.

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"She wasn't around when I left," Medsker said of her boss. "When she called me on my cell phone, I had to tell her. She said congratulations and that she was very happy for me."

Robert Hoke, center, and Jeffery Hostetler pray over their wedding rings with Marion County clerk Beth White during their marriage inside the City County Building on Wednesday.

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