I Want to Get Faster

Obviously the ultimate goal is to win a college scholarship to a good engineering school. I suppose that I could think about a pro career, but that is really not very likely. It is a lot tougher for me to make that a plausible goal, when you know that just getting a good scholarship is going to be tough. At the moment I am thinking that I need to be faster and I am trying to figure out how to achieve that. I have learned that there is a place called Elite speed sports performance here. One of the guys on the team was telling me about it and talking about trying to get his Dad to pay for it. I am not really thinking that this is a practical idea for me, since I would not be able to get my parents to pay for it. They just do not have any extra money laying around that could be used for it.

Of course this is how I get to go to college, so I have to think that the time and effort that I put in it would be worth it if I could succeed. The types of schools that I am trying to get in are pretty expensive, especially if you want to stay there long enough to become an engineer. If you think about the full cost of going to school long enough to get that sort of advanced degree, then you are probably looking at around a quarter of a million dollars total. So if I could figure out how to get a four year scholarship then that would take nearly all of the cost out of it. In fact it would be best for me if I could get five years out of the deal.