Relaxation Techniques to Settle Your Mind and Body Before a First Date

Whether you have been on five or 50 first dates, one thing is for sure; first dates make you nervous. And rightfully so. With all of the buildup and anticipation, it can lead many to make a fool of themselves simply because of nerves.

If this sounds familiar, then help is at hand! Below are some great ways for you to relax your body and your mind before heading into your next first date.

Prepare Your Body With Yoga

There is a very good reason why you see so many people carrying around yoga mats, and it’s because yoga is a great stress reliever that also works to relax your body and center your mind through breathing techniques matched with low impact exercise and stretching.

The morning before your first date, book in for a single session Yoga class and give your body a chance to completely relax and connect with your mind. If you aren’t able to book yourself into a Yoga studio, don’t discount at-home yoga videos or even online tutorials. The important aspect is that you perform the activity, in whatever environment and delivery method.

Prepare Your Mind with Meditation

When most people think about meditation, they immediately think about sitting cross legged chanting while burning incense. However, meditation is simply a word which describes any activity that you perform to relax your mind and bring yourself to a place of peace. Whether this is sitting in a quiet room, going for a jog, or even taking a boxing class a couple of hours before. Whatever the activity is that best centers your mind, be sure, be sure to do it prior to your date.

Prepare the Date With a Conversation List

Did you know that the majority of first dates come to an early end simply because of stalled conversation? Not because the two people on the date don’t share interests, but purely because they weren’t able to continue a conversation, leading them to think that it wasn’t meant to be. While there will certainly be dates that end with you looking for a better partner on the Groupon Coupons page for eHarmony, consider making a conversation list before your date to give your potential partner a fighting chance.

Before the event, make a list of conversation subjects you feel comfortable talking about during a first date, such as your hobbies, your work, and any important factors you like to discuss. Do your best to memorize this list, or even take a copy with you (to read in the bathroom) and fall onto it should you notice that conversation seems to have stalled.

First dates are always going to be nerve-wracking, but that doesn’t mean that you need to turn up to your date sweating profusely or a nervous wreck. If you are lucky enough to land yourself a potential perfect partner, keep these tips in mind and follow them before your date for a great first meet!