Tips to Build an Affordable Home Gym

Most Americans spend an average of $40 to $50 per month on gym memberships. Sadly, most of these memberships go to waste. People find excuses to avoid going to the gym. They throw away hundreds of dollars a year without reaping any of the benefits.

Build your own home gym, and make the decision to take your fitness journey seriously. You may immediately dismiss this idea because you do not believe you can afford it, but you can.

Set Fitness Goals

The type of equipment that you purchase for your gym depends on your fitness goals, losing weight and building muscle requires different routines and machines. Design your home gym around that goal.

Do not forget to add cardio and strength training to reach your weight loss goals. Strength training helps you continue the weight loss after you burn off enough fat.

Pick a Location

Search for a room in the house big enough to encompass all your equipment. Garages and basements are ideal for home gyms. These rooms eliminate distractions, and are spacious enough for most basic gym equipment.

Choose the Equipment

Start by buying inexpensive and effective exercising tools. Every home gym needs a set of dumbbells. Get an inexpensive set and one set of adjustable dumbbells. These weights are a bit on the expensive side but really work the chest, shoulder and arms. A good one easily switches from 2 to 50 pound plates.

Add flooring (a mat or a rug) to protect your equipment and floor. Buy a yoga mat, resistance band, and a stability ball. Do not buy one from superstores or any that you may find on Those stability balls pop. Instead, buy it from a fitness outlet, such as Fitness Depot or Life Fitness. These balls help improve balance and core strength.

An adjustable fitness bench and a workout station are critical for helping you lift barbells. Make sure to add them to your list if you plan to add barbells to your workout. Buy a workout station that is tall and strong enough to hold 300 to 500 pounds of weight.

Buy one expensive machine. The machine purchase will vary based on your budget and needs. However, we suggest you invest in a stationary bike because they are good for total body workouts.

Personalize the Space

Add inspirational quotes on the wall. Hang a picture of your fitness hero. Buy a stereo system to pump music as you work out. Get creative and keep your exercises fun by not just making it a typical gym.

Buy a full size mirror so that you can see yourself as you work out and adjust your form accordingly. A mirror also may inspire you and build your confidence as you watch your body’s transformation.


For quality and discounted prices, search for most of your equipment at fitness outlets. Additionally, eBay and other auction websites often sell discounted used equipment.

Department stores, such as Kohl’s, also carry a limited selection of fitness tools and equipment. Save on these products with daily or weekly coupons.

Dress Properly

You may not be traveling far from your home, but don’t let that stop you from putting on fitness gear. Pajamas and slippers will deter your exercise, and could cause injuries.

Wear typical gym wear, including gym shoes.

The newly designed home gym eliminates any excuse from working out. Make your investment worth it, and watch your body transform with your home gym.