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Just about 168 years ago, the earthen works fort today known as Fort Brown was still known as Fort Texas a garrison guarded by General Zachary Taylor's Army of Occupation just before the beginning of the war.

Abroad, however, the story became the stuff of legends, said Anthony Knopp, a history professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

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An 'unbreakable link' between countries

About the only occupation the immigrants could find without a stipulation that "Irish Need Discount Fendi Backpack Sale

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Still, the relationship is most easily detected on days like today, especially this year as the Mexican government is set to light up The Angel of Independence in green for the first time tonight in solidarity with other landmarks across the world commemorating Saint Patrick's Day.

´╗┐Infamous desertion leads to Mexico

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But while the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Empire State Building in New York City will stow their Irish spirit after tonight until next March, Mexico will be at it again Sept. Army.

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And that special bond is still in place today, said Barry Tumelty, consul at the Irish Embassy in Mexico City.

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Three weeks after he crossed the river, Riley, by then a first lieutenant in the Mexican army, stood at the ready alongside an artillery company made up of 48 Irishmen and their cannons, all pointed at Fort Texas.

mark the early beginnings of the St. Army to fight against it.

"It's really quite a vibrant and busy relationship," he said, noting that the Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, was in the Federal District earlier this month.

It had been a tactic since the threat of war began for the Mexican army to offer incentives to deserters. Between promises of land, the country's acceptance of Catholicism and the lure of Mexican women, thousands of soldiers accepted the offer from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, though only a few mostly serving under Riley fought for the Mexican flag.

Years later, Santa Anna wrote: "Give me a few hundred more men like Riley's, and I would have Fendi Karlito Iphone Case Fake

It would also Fendi Classic Hobo Bag

In the United States, the story of the San Patricios, as they are known in Mexico, was largely covered up to prevent the story from becoming a black eye to the young country's military.

won the victory."

News of disturbances out near Point Isabel, as Port Isabel was then known, led Taylor to take a force out toward the Gulf of Mexico, leaving Major Jacob Brown to lead the garrison at Fort Texas.

The group swelled its ranks in the coming campaigns, all under the leadership of Riley, and fought valiantly in a number of pivotal battles during the war. They were captured and most were executed as deserters later in the war, which Mexico lost.

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Battle lines and borderlands

Sick of mistreatment because he was Irish, Riley slipped away from the fort and plunged into the river, crossing it while holding a pamphlet that detailed what awaited him on the other side.

Not Apply," was by enlisting with the military.

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When he woke up on April 12, 1846, Brown, for whom the fort would be soon be named, was weeks away from his death and had an Irishman named John Riley working beneath him.

An accomplished officer in England, Riley signed on and was shipped to South Texas where he and his comrades stared across the Rio Grande at Matamoros, Fort Paredes and a Mexican army that felt the force's presence along the riverbank was tantamount to an invasion.

But the actions of a handful of Irishmen here in South Texas back when the earthen works at Fort Brown Memorial Golf Course were still known as Fort Texas played a major role in that war and today are seen as the first tangible connections between Ireland and Mexico.

The six day siege would lead to Brown's death and the beginning of the Mexican American War.

The luck of the Irish

By dawn of the next day, Riley would be in Matamoros and labeled a deserter.

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Riley, along with thousands of others, had left their mother country during Fendi Handbag the famine to seek stability in the New World. What they found, though, was the same type of discrimination they had seen in England as anti Catholic, anti Irish sentiments were prevalent in all of the cities of the East Coast.

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