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Fendi Bags Cost

Reyes, Medina's mother, said the family is grateful to the many community members who have continued to show their support. She said her faith in God is helping her through this process but the uncertainty is difficult.

Dressed in a hospital gown, the image of Medina was much different from the young man who could once throw a mean right jab. His body was propped up only by the bed, and he struggled to keep his eyes open.

Fendi Bags Cost

With the occupational therapist by her side, and a baseball game on the TV above, Medina's mother, Maria Reyes, massaged her son's hands on Thursday.

After a morning full of physical therapy, Medina was tired but he did manage to noticeably raise his eyebrows.

"Can you raise your eyebrows, son?" she has asked Medina.

Fendi Bags Cost

Yundt, the neurosurgeon, said this is a critical time for Medina to start showing progress.

"It's hard to predict," he said. "I don't think he'll be normal. He will probably need 24 hour care, but you can't say that with certainty. And you don't want to take the family's hope away. on Tuesday that their son had pneumonia. Medina's father drove to the hospital from Madras immediately. Between cousins, uncles and immediate family, the Medina family is dedicated to making sure the young man is never alone.

The 19 year old Madras boxer, who collapsed after the Oregon State Golden Gloves 152 pound weight class fight on March 14, is back in the intensive care unit at St. Charles Bend, after contracting pneumonia. Although the sickness is a setback, Medina is showing some positive signs.

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Yundt said he expects Medina to recover from the pneumonia soon and be moved out of the intensive care unit. He will remain in acute critical care.

Fendi Bags Cost

Fendi Bags Cost

"He's starting to follow demands," said Dr. Kent Yundt, the Bend neuro surgeon treating Medina. "He has a long way to go, but he's following simple commands, and that's improvement."

going to improve quicker early on, and it slows down later," he said. "If you weren't seeing any improvements right now, you would be concerned."

After a blow to the head in the championship game, Medina suffered a subdural hematoma, which caused bleeding inside his brain. Yundt said Medina is slowly coming out of his coma.

Medina, who dreamed of being a professional boxer, had been the family's sole financial provider. His father now has temporary work in the farm fields of Madras.

Fendi Bags Cost

"It means he's reacting to verbal commands," Yundt said. "He Fendi Bags Cost has to process the language to a degree and act on it."

In six months, Yundt said the best case scenario would be Medina eating on his own and talking. But he couldn't say whether that's a realistic possibility.

Fendi Bags Cost

Fendi Bags Cost

and machines, Jovany Medina was surrounded Thursday afternoon by handmade signs urging him to "never give up" and reassuring him that "with Fendi Monogram Wallet

Fendi Bags Cost

Reyes said she talks to her son, urging him to keep fighting. "He has to want to get better," she said. "When I ask him do you want to go home, he nods, yes."

"We're struggling through it," she said in Spanish.

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´╗┐Injured boxer shows signs of progress

God (he) will win this fight."

Fendi Bags Cost

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