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Gatsas did not return a call for comment.

Police charged Joshua Provost, 19, of Manchester with burglary. They also arrested two others who were in a nearby parked car and tried to drive off.

his actions abided by the law based on what we know, Lt. Maureen Tessier said of Vaillancourt.

his street, then come back.

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Fendi Large Hobo

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Fendi Large Hobo

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Existing state law (RSA 627:5:IV) also allows private citizens acting on their own to use non deadly force to arrest or prevent the escape from custody of someone they reasonably believe committed a felony. The law also says citizens are justified in using deadly force to defend themselves or a third person from what they believe to be the imminent use of deadly force.

safety is not arming our citizens with guns and garden hoses, he added. He called on Mayor Ted Gatsas and the Board of Aldermen to meet and restore funds cut from the city budget that went into effect July 1 and resulted in 11 firefighters being laid off and left only two ladder trucks in service.

usually quiet around here. So, when I saw someone walking by, I said, up?' he said.

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called out Vaillancourt, 55, said when he came up behind the teen just as he appeared to be opening a window at the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association hall at

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Fendi Large Hobo

´╗┐in at Manchester firefighters union hall

The state's criminal threatening law, however, prohibits anyone from purposely placing another in fear of imminent bodily injury or physical contact.

said, don't you sit down right there until the police get here', Vaillancourt said. Vaillancourt said he kept the shotgun perched on his shoulder, which he said was enough to keep the alleged burglar at bay until police arrived minutes later. No shots were fired.

MANCHESTER Peter C. Vaillancourt hadn't even had his morning coffee Wednesday when he decided to see what was up with the stranger he saw trying the doors and windows at the firefighters union hall next door.

being said, the great city of Manchester should not have to rely on our neighbors for public safety, Cashin told the media outside the union office.

Theodoros Bahtsevanos, 24, and William Wasley, 19, both of Manchester, are charged with criminal liability to burglary. All three will be arraigned at a later date in Manchester District Court. He has been a great neighbor, Manchester firefighter and Local 856 President Ryan J. Cashin said. Cashin also thanked police.

Existing state law permits law abiding citizens to carry a weapon without a permit, even if loaded, provided it is not concealed. Convicted felons and those convicted of certain domestic violence related offenses are barred from carrying weapons.

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something isn't right, I know who to call, he explained. Then he grabbed his weapon and went next door.

Fendi Large Hobo

Fendi Large Hobo

Vaillancourt said he first noticed a stranger walk up Fendi Monster Backpack

He said he watched the young man checking the windows at the union hall next door. When the man walked up a side staircase and tried to open a second floor door, Vaillancourt said he called police. He said he knows the police station's number by heart.

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Vaillancourt grabbed his 12 gauge, doublebarrel, sawed off shotgun what he calls little pistol slung it over his shoulder Davy Crockett style, and walked over in his bedroom slippers.

Vaillancourt said he got his shotgun more than 25 years ago to protect his home, where he also operates Camaros Plus, a business restoring General Motors cars. He said he checked with police before he cut the barrel to ensure it met the legal length. He said he has never used the shotgun before.

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