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Camacho said that the day before the murders, she and Rubio had seen a woman with the mark of the devil. She said that the children were acting strange, and not how little children should act.

´╗┐Inside the crime scene

Oct. 31, 2003 Toys and stuffed animals rested peacefully Thursday in an unkempt downtown apartment just the way three children left them before they were decapitated in early March. Trash and dirty clothes were piled along the Fendi Peekaboo Crossbody

BROWNSVILLE, Friday, Crossbody Fendi

Jurors on Thursday were spared the gruesome details that police saw upon entering the apartment on March 11. The childrens bodies two stuffed in a plastic bag and one that remained on their parents bed were cleared out. Detectives took other items as evidence, including kitchen knives some broken that Rubio said he used to cut off the childrens heads.

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A police video of the crime scene showed that spray paint cans littered the apartment, but theyve also been taken. Rubio admitted to sniffing spray paint chronically and told his psychiatrist that he sniffed as many as five cans a day.

Neighbors watched from their homes on Thursday as jurors entered the crime scene.

I never knew things like that could happen, he said.

The Brownsville Herald

As jurors Dotcom Fendi Price

But there were no signs of demons in apartment 11 on Thursday morning just musty smells, disrepair and signs of a frayed life that went out of control.

What horror, Robert Moreno said in Spanish, recalling the deaths of 3 year old Julissa Quezada, 1 year old John Esthefan Rubio and 2 month old Mary Jane Rubio.

walked back to the courthouse about a block away, Moreno and other neighbors were left with their thoughts and memories of the one of the citys most gruesome crimes.

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In her own confession soon after the murders, Camacho seemed to support Rubios claim that he killed the children to rid them of demons.

Defense attorneys for Rubio requested Wednesday that jurors be allowed into the first floor apartment where the childrens bodies were Fendi Purse discovered on March 11. They saw childrens books and toys interspersed with pornographic magazines in the main bedroom, where Rubio slept with Camacho, 23 who said she held down at least two of the children while Rubio cut off their heads.

These were some of the details jurors saw as they toured the small apartment on Tyler Street, where murder suspect John Allen Rubio, 23, lived with common law wife Angela Camacho, her three children and at least three roommates.

Rubio admitted in a confession soon after the murders that he killed the children because they were possessed. He then told a psychiatrist that he had to cut off their heads because that is the only way to dispossess a demon.

Rubios descriptions were markedly more descriptive, claiming that Julissa was possessed by the soul of his grandmother who was a witch and that the children growled at him with beast like noises before he killed them.

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walls, and condoms some apparently used littered the floor.

Moreno, who has lived in the neighborhood for about 40 years, remembers that about three decades ago the apartment building was used as a small grocery store where neighborhood residents could find fresh meat and fresh picked vegetables.

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