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Lionel was How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack asked to physically assault an inmate as part of his initiation into the Syndicate.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

Lionel has cut ties with both Discount Fendi Luggage & Travel

Lionel again fell behind on his child support payments to his ex girlfriend and was returned to Carrizalez Rucker in 2000.

Its hard finding a job, because I have a felony conviction so employers dont want me, said Lionel, who has six children three of them with is common law wife.

I got involved in drugs and I liked it, he said. At that age and when you are on drugs you feel big. I stole everything car radios, money, anything you could think.

his habit. Soon, he craved a bigger high and the drugs got more expensive.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

When I got to jail at the San Antonio Dominguez Unit, they (inmates) asked me who I ran with, or if I wanted to run with someone, he said, referring to gang affiliations.

He did not join initially, but a fearful existence prompted him to seek protection from the when he was transferred to the Carrizalez Rucker Detention Center the same year.

Lionel spent the remainder of his sentence fearing retaliation for his disloyalty.

gangs but has yet to succumb to the ritual.

His time is spent living in fear. He says the two largest prison gangs in the state want him dead.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

After he served his time, Lionel was released and had difficulty finding work to meet his child support requirements.

The inmate is a former member of the and the prison gangs that recruit members inside jails. They follow a blood in, blood out ritual the only way out is death.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

His choice to join the Syndicate still haunts him today. Although he sought protection from the gang, the deeds he was ordered to commit were not worth the price, he said. He assaulted inmates and stole things to show his loyalty to the group. But when his carnales asked him to stab another inmate, he refused.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

´╗┐Inmate finds gang ties difficult to sever

I havent slept in two days, a tired looking Lionel told The Herald. Sometimes I jump whenever I hear a noise. I sleep because my eyes just close and I cant keep them open.

was arrested for burglary and sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Living the high life soon caught up with him. A couple of days after his 18th birthday, he Fendi Bags For Men

I got involved with the wrong people and now Im sorry for it, he said.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

He is trying to block out the thought that his life is constantly in danger.

Two days later, 15 pelados jumped me and hurt me pretty bad, he said. I told the guards that I fell off the bunk.

I didnt have a problem doing that a few times, said Lionel, who was inducted into the gang after the assault.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

Lionel, 26, is serving a six month sentence for failure to pay child support to an ex girlfriend.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

He would rather think about his wife, their children and the one on the way.

Lionel was initiated into the in 1997, the culmination of a troubled adolescence that included him dropping out of school in the eighth grade. He began experimenting with drugs and started stealing to support Fendi Logo Wallet

July 18, 2004 In his 6 by 11 cell at the Carrizalez Rucker Detention Center, Lionel draws cartoon characters on the wall and sketches intricate scenes of a loving family on the back of envelopes.

How Much Is Fendi Monster Backpack

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