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"He said the words I've been waiting for for seven weeks," Beck said. "He said that we had Bryan's Fendi Monster Nylon Bag

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assault suspect in custody."

Police got hundreds of tips after flooding Los Angeles with drawings and descriptions of suspects in the Dodger Stadium beating of a San Francisco Giants fan. Sunday from Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger about the investigation that involved 20 full time detectives who worked for more than 6,000 hours.

Beck said their investigation is "only half done" with suspects still at large.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck called Ramirez's detainment a "huge step" in the investigation. Ramirez was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and was being held on $1 million bail.

Ramirez was among several people detained for questioning after police served search warrants and seized evidence in the apartment building and a home, police said in a statement.

The man arrested, 31 year old Giovanni Ramirez of Los Angeles, is being held in Los Angeles on a parole hold. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said Monday that the case is "under Fendi Canvas Hobo Bag

"I'm happy that they caught this guy," he said. "It's not really going to help Bryan per se, but it does bring some closure to everything that has happened. It's important that these guys be accountable for what they've done.

All except Ramirez were expected to be released, the statement said. Beck did not know if Ramirez had hired an attorney.

The Los Angeles Times said Ramirez is a known gang member with a criminal history that includes charges of robbery and discharging a firearm.

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The unidentified parole officer apparently noticed Ramirez had gotten fresh tattoos on his neck, perhaps to cover a tattoo depicted in suspect sketches police released in the high profile case, the Los Angeles Times reported. Hundreds of billboards with sketches of the two suspects were put up around Los Angeles earlier this month.

Yet Stow's cousin, John Stow of Santa Cruz, willingly took time Monday afternoon to speak about the arrest of one of two men believed to have beaten his cousin into a coma on opening day at Dodger Stadium.

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´╗┐Injured Giants fan's family asks for time

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"Your emails, cards and letters and your contributions to Bryan's care and his children have given us hope and some relief," the family stated.

Earlier, Stow's mother, Ann Stow, praised the police's work and their manners in a press conference outside San Francisco General.

In a statement Monday, Stow's sisters and parents expressed gratitude to the community too.

John Stow said he expects other arrests will follow the arrest of Ramirez, whom police believe to be the prime suspect.

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He called it an odd situation to have the parole officer be the one who led to the arrest.

SAN FRANCISCO After receiving news of an arrest that sparked a very emotional Sunday, Bryan Stow's family said Monday they are entering a new phase of the "emotional and draining journey," and asked for time and privacy to focus on his recovery.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said her office had not yet received the case on Monday. No charges had been filed by Monday afternoon, a spokeswoman said, adding that Ramirez has a parole hold.

The tip led to Ramirez's arrest during a raid by detectives and SWAT team members who had a search warrant for an East Hollywood apartment building.

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to us, and made a promise that they were not going to rest until they got these guys," she said. "So that's how I put it out of my mind. I didn't think about it, I knew it was going to be taken care of, and obviously they did what they promised."

Doctors recently reported that Stow has been able to open his eyes but remained in critical condition.

Stow was transferred last week to San Francisco General Hospital after he was treated at Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center, where doctors put him in a medically induced coma to help prevent seizures.

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"It's just emotional. I can't help but feel some anger at who did this, after watching Bryan in his condition and rooting for him so much."

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The family thanked the media for keeping the case so alive and the San Francisco Giants, for "personally reaching out and supporting Bryan."

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"They were so compassionate with our family, and reached out Fendi Bag With Studs

John Stow said he always believed Los Angeles police would make an Fendi Handbags Buy Online arrest and that he expects the other two people wanted in connection with the assault will soon be arrested as well.

"We haven't heard whether they will give it (the $250,000 reward) to him," Stow said.

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