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It part two of the battle rounds on The Voice, promising even better performances and hard choices as the judges choose between two of their own singers. With the option to singers, the competition is getting heated.

Melanie had one of the best blind auditions with her own rendition of Britney Spears Toxic while Melanie had a touching story and a hauntingly powerful voice. I a huge fan of both of them and it sucks Adam paired them against each other. Adam has them singing Lights by Ellie Goulding, which is a sort of techno pop song that Adam wants them to slow down. They rendition should be absolutely amazing.

Card Holder Fendi

´╗┐Indie singers battle it out on 'The Voice'

Card Holder Fendi

he has a hard time deciding based on vocal performance and is going to choose someone he gets a personal kick out of, which is Cody. No one chooses to steal Domo.

Card Holder Fendi

In things we didn see:

In the battle, they sound in sync and their voices jive. Nathalie voice is so soothing and Aquile is very powerful. No one sucks, but their different styles make it hard for a distinct winner to stand out. I can help but be partial to Nathalie, I love her sound. Christina feels differently, however, and chooses Aquile as the winner. No one hits their button to steal Nathalie.

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Caitlin Michele vs. Melanie Martinez Team Adam

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Smooth singing Aquile is up against 15 year old Nathalie. His strong voice is going up against her quiet, sweet sound. They be singing James Morrison song You Give Me. Nathalie is instantly intimidated and lacks experience but she ready for a fight.

Also, Charlie Rey battled Rudy Parris for Team Blake, with Rudy keeping his spot.

On stage, Cody steps up his dancing skills while Domo performs like a pro. Domo breaks it down with a pretty decent rap and her dancing is legit but Cody continues to hold his own. Their performance is cute, if anything. CeeLo says Crossbody Fendi

Melanie is quieter than Caitlin and she also struggles a bit with the melodies. Her voice isn very demanding, but she has a raw, eerie style. The rehearsal is rough for both of them and they sound sorta out of it.

Aquile vs. Nathalie Hernandez Team Christina

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Card Holder Fendi

faced off for Team Christina, Fendi Monster Roll Bag

Card Holder Fendi

Dancer turned singer, Domo, is up against country singing Cody. Both were weaker singers during the blind auditions with only CeeLo hitting his button at the last possible second. They going to be singing Telephone by Lady Gaga, which should be interesting. Both singers sound a lot better than they did in their auditions. Domo makes sure we all know she has abs, too, wearing super short shirts. They both such different personalities.

On stage, Melanie sounds like she off tempo but her voice shines more than it did in rehearsals. Caitlin remains loud throughout the whole song, showing off her commanding vocals. It was a nice performance, Card Holder Fendi but it wasn as mind blowing has I thought it would be. The judges describe it as and no one offers up suggestions for which artist Adam should pick. All on his own, Adam chooses Melanie.

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with Celeca leaving the stage a winner.

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No time is wasted and the battles begin!

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